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Rutgers Travels to Georgetown

Rutgers has lost 9 of 10 and faces one of the best teams in the Big East.


The last time Rutgers faced Georgetown, the Scarlet Knights had Eli Carter to keep them in it. But Otto Porter took advantage of every mismatch down the stretch and stole the game for the Hoyas ("stole" in this sentence is a compliment). So, can Rutgers repay the Hoyas?


1. Get Hot From Three: This has to be the game where Myles Mack and Jerome Seagears go off from behind the arc. They have to take smart, open shots, and stay hot for the entire game. Georgetown is a great defensive team, and will adjust. It's going to have to be a game where the Knights make tough shots.

2. Rebound, Force Turnovers, and Run: If RU is not making threes, they need to get out in transition and get easy baskets. If they can do that while forcing some turnovers or pulling down defensive rebounds, it also me the Hoyas aren't scoring.

3. Kadeem, keep playing: Kadeem Jack has turned it on, and needs to keep it up. Jack needs to keep playing with high energy, run the floor, block, get put backs. He's becoming a force. Let's see more of it.

4. Stop Otto Porter: Yeah, like this is going to happen. But it's a key. Porter cannot go off tonight. If he does, Rutgers won't even be able to keep it close. Georgetown has many weapons, but Porter is their best.

5. Play 40 Minutes: Nearly every game, the Knights have given up a huge run. That can't happen tonight (or for the rest of the season).