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Not Half Bad, Podcast #9

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The Not Half Bad podcast returns before the Big East Tournament, where hope springs eternal and memories last – even for Rutgers.

Dave of On the Banks and Norman of Rumble in the Garden talk about:

  1. :42 Introductions

  2. 1:10 Lamenting the end of an era in Big East Tournament history
    - Geoff Billett, six overtimes
    - St. John’s in 1999 and 2000

  3. 8:00 St. John’s catchup
    - Sir`Dominic Pointer’s suspension
    - the suspensions and "culture"; is Lavin recruiting risky players?
    17:30 St. John’s loss to Marquette – "it’s the kind of game that reminds you how good it can be to be good in the Garden", forgiving Marc-Antoine for his aggressiveness, Phil Greene

  4. 21:35 Rutgers catchup
    - Mike Rice is coming back to save recruiting
    - Wanting it so bad you have tears
    - Sweeping Seton Hall
    - Mike Poole, clutch

  5. 28:06 Previewing the first night of the Big East Tournament
    - St. John’s/ Villanova could be a rockfight
    - Night games! Awesome.
    - Worst matchups for St. John’s

  6. 30:40 Rutgers vs DePaul

  7. 33:48 the road ahead for St. John’s in the Big East Tournament

  8. 36:25 Predictions for the winner of the Big East Tournament

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