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SWEEP! Rutgers Takes Down Seton Hall 56-51

15 from Myles Mack in a sloppy game.

Alan Maglaque-US PRESSWIRE

At the midpoint of the second half, Rutgers did what they always do. They pushed the lead to ten, and then in about two minutes, gave it all back.

But they didn't fold this time.

Be it a mix of Seton Hall incompetence, Rutgers not wanting to lose, and Myles Mack's defense, Rutgers did not lose. In one of the game's final possessions, Mack forced Edwin to the right, tipped the ball and then tied it up for a jump ball. It was Rutgers possession.

Malick Kone was fouled and made the first. He missed the second, but Mike Poole made the defensive play of the game, as he stripped the ball and fed a cutting Dane Miller. Miller went up for what would have been a thunderous dunk, but he was intentionally fouled.

Miller made both and iced the game.

Watching the highlights, it was nice to see the coach shaking everyone's hand, and smiling. A win. They finally got another win. They swept Seton Hall for the first time since 2000-2001. And now it's on to the Big East Tournament, the last Big East Tournament as we know it.

Rutgers takes on DePaul at approximately 9:30 on Tuesday night, and it appears they have a favorable bracket. Win against DePaul, and face Notre Dame on a neutral court. And then it could be a re-match with Marquette.

But, take it one game at a time. DePaul is not an easy game. They are a team that can score, and Rutgers is a team that goes ice cold. The Blue Demons are beatable, but Rutgers to play loose and confident. As Mike Rice likes to say, "March doesn't care."

And March brought Rutgers something they hadn't had much of recently. Against Seton Hall, Rutgers gets a win.