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Not Half Bad, Episode 8: The CRAZY NEWS edition

Steve Politi, Seton Hall, Late Breaking News... It's CRAZY.

Chris Chambers

A jam-packed Not Half Bad podcast. With special guest Robert Manganaro of South Orange Juice, Not Half Bad takes a look at Seton Hall being called on the carpet by a local columnist, St. John's ability to make a run and analysis of D`Angelo Harrison's struggles, and Rutgers' after Eli Carter... and whether Mike Rice is like a new Norm Roberts.

We'll get a fuller analysis of the after effects of the Harrison suspension and the Orlando Sanchez news on Monday morning.

Dave of On the Banks and Norman of Rumble in the Garden talk about:

  1. Short recap, St. John's :59
  2. Short recap, Rutgers 2:12
  3. Talking Seton Hall with Robert Manganaro 4:56
  4. Breaking down Steve Politi article 8:21
  5. What Kevin Willard can change 10:25
  6. Aaron Cosby rumors 12:57
  7. Aquille Carr rumors 15:51
  8. What does Willard need to do going forward? 20:48
  9. NHB response 22:30
  10. The sad state of Rutgers after Eli Carter injury 26:56
  11. Can St. John's make a miracle NCAA run? 32:01
  12. Does Moe Harkless make a difference on this year's team? 35:42
  13. What if Lavin was hired a year earlier? 37:58
  14. Does Mike Rice derserve another year (copmpared to the time Norm Roberts got) 40:50
  15. Feelings about D`Angelo Harrison (recorded before Harrison was suspended) 44:43

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