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Rutgers takes on Georgetown

The day after a blizzard, Georgetown comes to town riding a 4 game winning streak. Can Rutgers get off the schneid?


Georgetown just may be the hottest team in the Big East (be quiet St. John's). They're rolling into the RAC as Mike Rice and company look to get back to their winning ways. Rutgers has lost 5 straight. It seems like a formidable task. What can the Knights do to turn the tide?

1. Push the Tempo: Georgetown can play any tempo they want, but most of the time it seems they want to slow it down. South Florida was able to use the slow down tactic to their advantage and pick up their only Big East win against the Hoyas. And Rutgers wanted to grind it out against an up-tempo Louisville team, but couldn't. However, Rutgers is at it's best when they rebound and run--or had been before Eli Carter went cold and the team lost confidence. The Scarlet Knights need to get back to that. Look to the way Rutgers beat the USF Bulls for a blueprint.

2. Take Advantage of David Cox: The Associate Head Coach knows Georgetown well. He coached there. Rutgers needs to listen to what Cox says and follow the game plan. Cox can show you the way!

3. Get Eli Carter Going: I've said this before, I'll say it again: When Eli is rolling, so are the Scarlet Knights. Just look at the first half against the Cardinals... you remember? When things were still going well? Eli had 11 of Rutgers 26 points. He needs to score. If he's scoring Rutgers is going to have a shot to win.

4. Eli, Trust Your Teammates and Share the Ball: It may sound counter-intuitive, but it's not. Eli will get his looks if he's patient. If Myles Mack and Jerome Seagears (or any two other guys) are doing damage early, the Hoyas' defense will have to adjust. That will open things up for Eli and he can punish the defense. That's why Rutgers had been successful with Eli coming off the bench. But that still starts with Carter. He can't force things.

5. Dane Miller, Dane Miller, Dane Miller: Dane is 10 points from 1000 career points. Time to get them. Really, you get 10 points and everyone else does their job, I think Rutgers wins. They're in the game until the final possession, at least.