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Louisville 6 Billion, Rutgers 48

Louisville turns it on the in the second half, and Rutgers goes away...


Wally Judge followed the shot. He went up, saw the rebound, got two hands on it, and dunked it.

The RAC erupted, the loudest it'd been all year. Only seconds into the second half, Rutgers had the game tied at 28 and was playing their game.

Then Louisville decided it didn't want to play Rutgers' game anymore. They wanted to play basketball. And, man, did they. They forced turnovers, drew fouls, got lay-ups, got dunks, found the open man and shot threes. Meanwhile, the wheels fell off for Rutgers, as it has so often for this team this year.

Eli Carter scored 11 in the first half, and Rutgers was playing smart basketball. They were passing, moving, finding some open shots. It looked like things were turning and the week off had helped. But it didn't help enough.

Rutgers is not a mentally tough team, and they have not gotten better this year. There is talent on this team. There are pieces, but they are not fitting together correctly. They can't get a good shot when they need one. They can't get a stop when they need one.

This team is in big trouble, with another ranked team looming. People showed up tonight. The students were loud. They won't have that support Saturday afternoon, not with the threat of bad weather.

The wheels have come off for Rutgers and there are only 8 games left. Not much time for improvement.

Georgetown is up next.