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Rutgers Takes on Providence at the RAC

Two home games left...


On Saturday, at 9 pm, the Friars return to the RAC off a loss to the Syracuse Orange. However, before that Providence had won 4 in a row and are looking to finish strong. Keep winning and it's likely they can get on the bubble.

Can Rutgers win? Yeah, but it's not going to be easy. Here are the keys:

1. Make Bryce Cotton Work: Cotton is the best scorer in the Big East. He lit up Rutgers late up at the Dunkin Donuts Center last year. Much like D'Angelo Harrison, Cotton is going to get his. But Rutgers needs to man up and make him work for them. If Cotton is frustrated and not efficient, Rutgers should have a great chance.

2. Expect to be Pressed: That's what teams are going to do to the Scarlet Knights. They're going to try and wear down Jerome Seagears and Myles Mack, and force them to dribble through pressure. Rutgers needs to pass through pressure and use spacing (something they haven't done well this year) to beat the defense down the court.

3. Keep Sharing the Ball: In the last 2 games, Myles Mack has been extremely impressive. Not just because he's scoring, but because he's taken smart shots. Mack is embodying the true scoring point guard. When he's covered he gets the ball to the right man to score. Rutger offense looked smooth for much of the game Monday. Keep it up.

4. Kadeem Jack: Jack stepped up against Villanova. Look for him to keep it up and keep maturing as a player. Blocks, dunks, and boards.

5. Dane Miller: Miller has been Rutgers' biggest problem this season (and maybe the past 3 years). He gives the Scarlet Knights nothing on offense. If he gives the team 8 points, Rutgers should have a great chance. But if he's not even a threat, this game is over.