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Rutgers' Stretch of Terrible Losses Continue: Eli Carter and DePaul

Eli Carter goes down, Myles Mack steps up, but can't lift Rutgers.


Eli Carter's leg buckled underneath him. He screamed in pain. ESPN refused to show more than 1 replay. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the end of Rutgers' season.

Even if Myles Mack did his damndest to keep that from happening.

Rutgers struggled with DePaul from the tip. In the first half, they went down 8 before rallying to tie the game at the half. They appeared to be in good shape, and even took the lead on a Wally Judge lay-up. But, DePaul, desperate for a win, kept fighting back, pushing the lead to ten.

And that's when Carter went down. After the game, Mike Rice said it didn't look good and Carter was heading back to NJ for re-evaluation. After seeing a replay, it looks like Carter will be done for the year.

Myles Mack, however, wasn't willing to end the season there. Mack took over, scoring 16 consecutive points for the Knights, and dragging the team back in it. In fact, he gave them a 2 point lead. But he couldn't keep it up.

DePaul regain its composure (read that again... "DEPAUL REGAIN ITS COMPOSURE") and scored the next 7. Ballgame.

Now Mike Rice and Rutgers are in a major pickle. Five games left, the next four against teams who have constantly gotten better throughout the season. Villanova beat UConn today. Providence beat Notre Dame.

Rutgers lost to DePaul.

The season continues to spiral for Mike Rice. 4-9 in the Big East. Tim Pernetti's vote of confidence. Eli Carter goes down.

Season over.

Another sad, bizarre season for Rutgers fans.

One tends to wonder if it'll ever end well in Scarlet.