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Rutgers Takes on DePaul

Must Win... again.


How many times has Rutgers faced must win games? It feels like every game has been a must win. And there's another one tomorrow at 1 pm. After Rutgers broke their long losing streak against Seton Hall, they travel to Chicago to face the 1-10 (in the Big East) DePaul Blue Demons.

Seems easy, right?

Well, DePaul beat Rutgers at the RAC last year. And they took Notre Dame to overtime. Twice. Every time I've seen them play, it seems DePaul goes down to the wire. The Scarlet Knights cannot take this game lightly.


1. Take Care of the Ball: DePaul presses all game long. And they force turnovers. Rutgers enjoys turning the ball over. If that happens, DePaul can go on a quick 10-0 run. If RU can hold on to the ball, they'll be in good shape.

2. Get to the Line: Eli Carter and Myles Mack. You're great free throw shooters. TAKE ADVANTAGE.

3. Control the Tempo: Don't go helter skelter with DePaul, that's exactly what they want. Take advantage of the times to run, but also slow the ball down and grind some possessions out.

4. Slow Cleveland Melvin: Or Brandon Young. Control one of DePaul's scorers.

5. Find a third scorer: Everyone guards Mack and Carter. Rutgers needs to find someone else to pick up points. Dane Miller? Jerome Seagears? Austin Johnson? It doesn't matter who. As long as it's someone.