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Rutgers to Take on Army

In the last game before 2014, the Black Knights come to town.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Rutgers has been off for about a week now, presumably to take exams and heal up.  They won't play again until New Year's Day when conference play opens up.  But before taht, they face Army in the last Out of Conference game of the season.

What are the keys?

Play Defense and Rebound: This has been the theme all year.  Most games have either been upsets or too close for comfort because the Scarlet Knights haven't figured out the defensive end.  Height has been a problem on the guard end.  Too many players leaking out to run before the ball is secured is another.  This needs to be rectified, so make it a focal point.  This team can score when it puts its mind to it.  But can it also hold another team down?

Experiment: Myles Mack and Kadeem Jack can put up points.  So can Jerome Seagears and J.J. Moore when they're hot.  But can Eddie Jordan find other points?  Tomorrow may be the time to find out.  Experiment with different line-ups.  Find some more chemistry.  Find extra points.

Get a Win: Yeah, it sounds silly, but this goes deeper than that.  It's the last game before a holiday.  Most of players will probably go home for a rew days after this one.  Their minds might be elsewhere.  But they shouldn't be.  There's still a game to play.  Come out, stomp on the Black Knights and leave.  No letdown.  This team has proven letdowns can lead to losses.

In other news, it's always nice to see Army play.  It gives fans a chance to honor the military forces who do so much for our country.  It'd be nice if whatever fans were there were nice to the opposition.