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Ron Prince Takes Over QB Coach Duties

Easy fix for Kyle Flood, but will it work out?

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Ron Prince was officially announced as the new QB Coach yesterday, effectively ending the search for a new assistant. It's easy to see this as a simple band-aid move by Coach Flood, probably due to his inability to find a good replacement for Rob Spence. Many good QB coaches look to become offensive coordinators when they are hired out of their current program, or at least move up to a more high-profile coaching staff.

This might not be too bad of a move, as it could entrench some consistency between the play-calling and the quarterback coaching. Rob Spence never seemed to get his players to improve year-to-year, so the bar is pretty low for Prince to be successful. The bold & daring assistant has experience working with NFL quarterbacks (Josh Freeman and Matt Schaub) and he was either the head coach or an assistant on some good offenses, but he was never a QB coach, and many K-State fans and Virginia fans do not credit him as the mastermind of their respective offensive success. In fact, Ron Prince has more offensive line coaching experience than anything, which is strange considering Flood fired Wroblewski. You would think that it's a no brainer to give the guy who has a plethora of experience coaching offensive lines the job, but I guess Kyle saw something in Mitch Browning.

One thing he does have going for him is the aforementioned low bar set by Spence. Combine that with the possibility that Gary Nova may never start another game, and that could be all Rutgers needs to be successful.

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