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Jacked! Rutgers beats FAMU 92-84

Kadeem Jack has a career night and Eddie Jordan gets a win.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Eddie Jordan got his first win as a college head coach tonight, but Kadeem Jack is the one who is going to remembered.

The forward had a beast of a game dropping 30 points (including several highlight dunks) and 12 rebounds.  Jack was everywhere on offense, flying all over the court.  At one point, JUCO guard D'Von Campbell fed him at the free throw line and Jack needed only one step before taking off and jamming it home.  He also showed off some touch on some outside jumpers.  Jack had everything going and showed it.

And Rutgers--they scored 92 points in an up and down game.  The players were buzzing on offense, taking quick, smart shots and getting out in the fast break.  They were not slow, they did not plod, and they shared the ball.  J.J. Moore was impressive, notching his own double double.  And while many would say Myles Mack had an off night, he still dropped in 19 points.

It was a fun night for the fans, who gave Coach Jordan a standing ovation when he was introduced.  And Jordan made sure the nights put on an offensive show.  This team has scorers when given the freedom to do so, and they were given it tonight.  Jordan rode his starters, not making his first substitution until the 14 minute mark of the first half.  And he waited until the 12 minute mark of the second.

That said, all was not perfect for the Scarlet Knights.  FAMU was pesky, and they were able to (much like Caldwell College) slice through Rutgers' press.  The defense wasn't there much of the night, but Rutgers was able to lock down when they needed to.  They forced the Rattlers into 20 turnovers.  There is still a lot of work to be done, especially on the defensive end.

Also, yeah, the refs now like to call fouls.  There were 32 free throws in the first half alone.

But this night belonged to Jordan and Jack.  And if that's any indication, fans are in for a fun year.


--Kerwin Okoro tweaked his knee in practice and was in street clothes according to Brendan Prunty.

--The new scoreboard and Eddie Jordan's video introduction was awesome.  I got goosebumps.. and I never get goosebumps about that stuff.

--Rutgers received a commitment from PF/SF Leroy Butts before the game.  The DC Assault player is highly regarded and expected to be a big time recruit.

--Rutgers is 1-0.  Last year at this time, they were 0-1.  Just sayin'