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GameNight: FAMU Preview

5 Keys for Rutgers Game against Florida A&M


That's it!  No more previews, no more Mike Rice stories, no more speculation... the Eddie Jordan era is officially here.  Florida A&M comes to "Eddie Night" at the RAC.  Here are 5 keys for Rutgers tonight:

1. Limit Turnovers: Rutgers had 20 turnovers against Caldwell.  A lot of those were because of poor outlet passes from the big men on the run, and that needs to be corrected.  Turnovers have often been a bugaboo of this team over the past 2 years, and it's time for junior guards to end that.  Rutgers needs to take care of the ball.

2. Force Turnovers: If the Scarlet Knights want to run, rebounding missed shots isn't going to be enough.  The smaller guards are going to have to create havoc on the court, deflecting balls, intercepting passes and stealing dribbles.  This will allows Myles Mack and Jerome Seagears to dictate tempo and push the pace.  And it'll lead to easy baskets.

3. Work on the Half Court Offense: By all accounts, Jordan is installing a not quite Princeton, not quite NBA "read" offense. If this offense is as complicated as it sounds, it's going to take Rutgers a while to adjust and make it second nature.  If this game is in hand in the last ten minutes (and it damn well should be, Florida A&M only won 8 games last year), Rutgers shouldn't push as much and actually work on the offense.

4. Etou, NCAA? It'd be nice if the NCAA got off its butt and cleared Junior Etou to play.  The highly touted freshman is expected to play a major part in this year's team, but he's still grounded.  LET THE KID PLAY.

5. Show Off the Scoreboard: The new scoreboard is expected to be fully operational. So, light it up.  Can't wait to see some instant replays, cool graphics, and--you know--stats.