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Not Half Bad: The Bad Portion

Norman will fill you in...

Patrick McDermott

This week, Norman of Rumble in the Garden and Dave of On the Banks are in preseason mode just like St. John's and Rutgers' men's basketball teams. The Johnnies eked out a win against San Francisco State, while Rutgers cruised to a victory over the Caldwell Cougars.

And us? We may have had some technical difficulties (sorry about the scratching sound at times in the podcast, we'll do better next time), but we're back with the latest episode of Not Half Bad.

This week:

  • Caldwell College - an easy win for Rutgers that showed defensive lessons still need to be learned.
  • Greg Lewis, the captain, gets a start
  • Eddie Jordan's "anger" is like Mike Rice's satisfaction.
  • St. John's struggled to overcome San Francisco State playing the "I'm not touching you" defense.
  • Who impressed for St. John's?

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