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Rutgers just lost to Farleigh Dickinson.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Disband the program.

What else can you say?  Fairleigh Dickinson just came to town and embarrassed the shorthanded Scarlet Knight 73-72.  I'm sorry... Wait.

I just put the word shorthanded in that previous paragraph, like it was an excuse.  There are no excuses.  It doesn't matter that Kerwin Okoro and Craig Brown are hurt.  It matters not that Kadeem Jack sat out with a leg injury.  This is not a game a major conference team loses.

J.J. Moore scored 26 points.  Didn't even matter.

The Knights were down nine in the second half, rallied to tie, and then gave it up.  With 25 seconds left, and the Knight down 2, there was a kerfluffle and JJ Moore missed a shot from the Free Throw line.  After the game, he apparently apologized to his team for taking such a selfish shot.

The game was marred by fouls and Rutgers fouled out the ENTIRE FRONT COURT of Farleigh AND STILL COULDN'T WIN.

What the--WHAT?

Kudos to the fans who actually went to the game.

This is the worst loss I can remember.  Worse than St. Peter's last year.  Worse than the Fred Hill era losses.  Fairleigh Dickinson is ranked the 349th worst team in the country.  Out of 351.

No excuses.

What an embarrassment.