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Rutgers Defeats Stillman College; Scores 116 Points

Defense still an issue as they gave up 89.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Rutgers did what they had to do.

They won.  They won handily, scoring 116 points.  They shot 71% in the first half.  Myles Mack scored 23 points.  J.J. Moore and Wally Judge each had 20. Junior Etou made his debut.

So, um, that's good.

But clearly, this defense still needs a lot of work.  In the first half, Stillman College--on the back of what seemed like a ton of 3 pointers--rang up 51 points of their own.  It appears Rutgers did their best to attempt to lock down Stillman in the second half, but its still worrisome.  This team has a lot of work to do.

There were under 400 people in the stands.

So, now Rutgers has to get through tomorrow against an awful Farleigh Dickinson team, get to 5-3 and take a week off to recuperate.  Get Craig Brown back, get a little closer to Kerwin Okoro's return.  Fix the defense.

And that's the key tomorrow.  Keep running the offense, keep lighting up the scoreboard.  But stop the other team.  Tomorrow need not be close.

And be wary, because FDU is going to come as hard as they can.  It's an NJ school with a new coach that wants to make a little noise.  They aren't good, but they are going to be fired up.

No time to look for turkey.

Here's what Eddie had to say.