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GameThread Week 13: Rutgers @ UCF

Talk about Rutgers' final weeknight matchup for the foreseeable future here.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Some of you might be rooting for a blowout loss tonight against the Knights of Orlando, and that's understandable. Kyle Flood's sophomore season has taken a definite turn for the worse, and the resounding sentiment is that this should be his last in Piscataway. However, a win tonight could help reverse the string of negativity surrounding the program, and maybe even flip some of the de-commitments. Flood's future will not hinge on one game, and it seems as if his body of work will speak for itself when it comes time to decide whether or not he should be here for the B1G.

Hard to believe that not too long ago, Tom Savage was leading the Scarlet Knights into Tropicana Field for the St. Petersburg Bowl against an upstart UCF team. How times have changed. Stick around and leave a comment, rant, frustration, or prediction. Enjoy the game, #ChopUCF, and GO RU