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Drexel Beats Rutgers 70-59

The Dragons will play at MSG, RU will host two consolation games at the RAC.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Drexel's size and physicality bothered Rutgers the entire night.

In a game that looked like college basketball of last year, the Dragons bump, bodied and defended Rutgers into the ground.  In the first half, Rutgers' offense did next to nothing as they settled for jumpers.  They offense never got into a flow.  Meanwhile, as Drexel's defense wore on Rutgers, the Scarlet Knights' defense wore down as well.

In the second half, they consistently let a hot shooting Drexel team open from three-point land.  And Drexel made them pay.  After Rutgers rallied to close an 8 point deficit to 1 with about 9 minutes left, Drexel broke off a huge run and basically put the game out of reach.

Drexel was the better team tonight.  However, the refs allowed Drexel to be.  Even when the guards drove inside, Drexel was able to be physical and were not called for many fouls.  Meanwhile, in key situations, Rutgers' touch fouls were whistled as they should be in the rule book.

Kadeem Jack kept up his solid play, recording another double-double.  But he got his points too late in the game, when it was out of reach.  Drexel did a great job defending the paint.  D'Von Campbell also continued to impress.

Otherwise, everything else went against the Scarlet Knights.  Drexel outplayed them, the refs did them no favors, and Rutgers made too many mental mistakes.

This looked like the Rutgers of old, not the one everyone hopes to see in the future.

Here's Eddie's PostGame Press Conference:  "We were outcoached and outplayed."