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Yale Preview

Rutgers takes on Yale at the RAC.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Let's face it, there are really only 4 keys to this match-up at the RAC tomorrow night.

1. Rebound: Do not underestimate this Yale team.  The Bulldogs have outrebounded both their opponents so far this season . . . and one of those opponents was UConn.  This team-like every team, it seems-crashes the boards.  Rutgers is going to have to do a better job boxing out and finishing defensive possessions.  The more rebounds Yale gets, the more chances they'll have to score.

2. Defense: The defense of the Scarlet Knights still hasn't been great.  It seems that while the team has adjusted to the new Jordan offense, they are not ready for the defense.  The team--and part of this is the rebounding--is giving up too many easy baskets.  Too many drives to the lane, too many open shots.  Not enough stops.  Tomorrow is the time to practice this.

3. Stay out of foul trouble: With the news Kerwin Okoro was going to have knee trouble, and Junior Etou still serving his suspension, Rutgers is still a thin team.  And with the way the new fouls are being called, Rutgers has the potential to be hurt by this lack of depth.  That was evident against UAB.  They will need to be careful, especially at the guard position.

4. Keep Pushing the Tempo: The offense is working.  Keep feeding Kadeem Jack and keeping getting Myles Mack on the run.

Tomorrow night, 7:30 at the RAC.