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Let's Talk Conferences


As per the usual, written by Norman--who never stops working:

It's the season for pumpkin patches, pumpkin beers, and the season when Cinderella teams put in the work to move up in their leagues. Which Big East and American Athletic Conference teams - besides St. John's and Rutgers, of course - will challenge for NCAA berths?

Also, Rutgers' trip to and from the Big East; Dave shows his DePaul love; and Marquette's ability to maintain excellence despite ever-changing rosters..

Dave of On the Banks and Norman of Rumble in the Garden talk about:

  1. 1:00 A quick Big East primer, conference realignment catch-up, and why Rutgers came to the Big East late
  2. 9:35 The membership of the new Big East
  3. 13:30 The membership of the AAC a/k/a the American
  4. 19:15 Southern Methodist and Houston as wild cards in the American
  5. 24:35 Why Marquette for the top of the Big East? (we apologize for calling Deonte Burton a guard.)
  6. 29:00 Dave LOVES DePaul
  7. 36:37 But the big question is: Where is Jim Burr?

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