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Not Half Bad: Don't Ask Eddie about Princeton, Dude

And more on St. John's and Rutgers...

Rich Schultz

Eddie Jordan gets salty, Chris Obekpa is suspended, and a recruit is talking some trash about St. John's. Just another week until preseason college basketball games for St. John's and Rutgers, and Norman of Rumble in the Garden and Dave of On the Banks are back to cover the drama that happens even before the official scorekeepers notch shots taken and missed on the courts in Queens and Piscataway.

There may have been a mention of Craig James and dead hookers. And someone needs to GIF Eddie Jordan as the Swedish Chef.

  1. St. John's Chris Obekpa suspension (aka not a big deal, as far as we know)
  2. The Scarlet Knights' Eddie Jordan looks for shooters, hates the term "Princeton Offense", is secretly the Swedish Chef
  3. A crapshoot is better than continued crap at Rutgers
  4. On preseason statistical predictions from Dan Hanner and Ken Pomeroy
  5. Positive words from alumni of both schools
  6. Isaiah Whitehead talking trash about St. John's, the school he didn't pick

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