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Rapid Reax: Houston Blows Out RU, 49-14

We have a problem. A HUGE problem.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Something about Homecoming games bring out the worst in Rutgers. Today was no different. Gary Nova was completely ineffective against the 118th ranked pass defense, throwing for 138 yards on 7 of 15 passing. Oh yea, and the three interceptions. Justin Goodwin was the lone bright spot, as he had over 120 yards rushing today and two TDs. It's officially time to temper expectations, because this team doesn't deserve to go anywhere but the Pinstripe Bowl (if even that).

It didn't even matter who was slinging the ball for RU, as three different throwers threw picks for the Scarlet Knights. Chas Dodd's interception wasn't his fault at all, but it does play into the theme of sloppiness as a whole today. Six total turnovers is an absolute embarrassment, especially on Homecoming. It's been quite awhile since fans were treated to something special on Homecoming, but it looks like we'll have to wait another year. Some notes:

  • Lots of youth on the field today. Andre Patton, Nick Arcidiacono, John Tsimis, and others all got playing time.
  • Defense was basically just as bad as the offense today. They didn't have much to play for with Nova coughing it up every play, but Houston could have made it a lot worse if they wanted to.
Look for a recap tomorrow.