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GameThread Week 9: Rutgers v. Houston

If you can't make it to Homecoming, join the expats here on OTB!

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The student section is sold out, and limited tickets remain for a beautiful homecoming day in Piscataway. I hope you are all making the trip to support the Scarlet Knights, but if not, stay for awhile and keep those of us who are watching the broadcast company. This will be Rutgers' highest-profile matchup for quite awhile (Temple next week and then another bye), so there should not be any excuse of losing focus or looking ahead. A bounce back game today will be a great momentum boost to make the most of this season, which can still end up in a January bowl game.

For the Scarlet Knights, the motto for the season from here on out should be keep calm, and carry on. If they do what is necessary, it's possible that everything will fall into place. Just win! #ChopHouston and GO RU