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The Return of Not Half Bad

Crazy talk, crazy talk, crazy talk

Stephen Dunn

Norman's Got Us Covered:

We took a bye week, but Dave of On the Banks and Norman of Rumble in the Garden are BACK.

St. John's and Rutgers' players spoke to the media this week in anticipation of their new season, so we fire up a podcast and talk about storylines, parity, where the teams were picked by their peers, and fall into some kind of TMZ/ US Weekly trap by talking about Danielle Fishel's nuptials, things we didn't know about Mischa Barton, and a review of Pearl Jam.

  1. Media day recaps for St. John's and Rutgers
  2. Eddie Jordan - shouldn't the Rutgers rebuild be a bigger story?
  3. Big East Media Day - the excitement of rebirth, the pain of parity
  4. A Topanga diversion
  5. St. John's picked fifth - a surprise?
  6. The importance of Midnight Madness for recruiting
  7. Pearl Jam and what's new with Mischa Barton

16 MB, 33 minutes

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Not Half Bad, Season 2, Episode 4 - right-click to download, or play in the player below. Like it? Hate it? Comment or email us about it at

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