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Big East Basketball: Rutgers Takes on Pittsburgh

Rutgers, 9-3 (0-1) takes on Pittsburgh 12-2 (0-1) at the RAC at.... ELEVEN IN THE MORNING.


Both teams are coming off disappointing losses. Pittsburgh is looking to bounce back after a disappointing season. Rutgers is looking to build some momentum going forward. What can Rutgers do to take down a ranked team?

1. Press and Fall Back Into Zone: Pitt's last opponent, Cincinnati, did this to the Panthers and forced Pittsburgh into a terrible shooting 2nd half. Pittsburgh is not a great three point shooting team. Rutgers has played a lot of zone early this year and even pressed some. Taking a page out of Cincy's book would be a good thing.

2. Rebound: Rutgers beat Syracuse on the boards. They need to do it again tomorrow. You can't allow Pittsburgh second chances on the offensive end. When the Panthers miss, Wally Judge, Dane Miller, Kadeem Jack... somebody needs to grab the ball.

3. Bring Back Myles Mack: Mack has been fighting a head cold the past two games, and hasn't been at his best. For Rutgers to stand any chance tomorrow, he needs to come back strong. And, one way to do that...?

4. Get to the Free Throw Line: Mack and Eli Carter have been money from the line all year. It's a great weapon, and one Rutgers needs to take advantage of. Syracuse was too long for Rutgers to penetrate the zone. Shouldn't be as much of a problem tomorrow. Get to the zone, get fouled and get some old fashioned three point plays on the scoreboard.

5. Find a Third Scorer: Assuming Mack is back, Rutgers still needs to find someone else to score. Jerome Seagears doing it would take some pressure off of Mack and Carter. But Rutgers will take anyone.

Game is at the unGodly hour of 11 tomorrow morning. Expect a slow, poor shooting, half asleep first half.