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Rutgers Drops Another One 64-52

After leading by 8 at the break, Rutgers can't get it done. Again.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Rutgers, once again, blew a golden opportunity.

It ended at halftime of tonight's game against the Cincinnati Bearcats, with Rutgers up 8. They clearly decided to forfeit the rest of the season right at that moment, as the Bearcats came out for the second half and Rutgers didn't.

Or at least, that's how it appeared.

Basically, Rutgers came out hot from beyond the arc hitting 6 of their first 10 threes. Cincinnati was cold, and couldn't get it going. Even when Rutgers fumbled passes, tripped, and stumbled, the Bearcats weren't ever able to get close. But it never felt like they were out of it either.

And then, after the half, Cinci came out hard, locked up Rutgers and went on a run to pull away. It didn't happen in an instant, Rutgers was able to hang in there with some free throws, but their offense just didn't kick in.

Myles Mack was solid and finished with 15 because of two late 3 pointers--but he also lead the team with 5 turnovers. Jerome Seagears dropped in 11, but they all came in the first half. Eli Carter had 11 as well. No one else could really get going.

Or wanted to.

This is quickly turning into a lost season. A team that looked like it had a ton of potential in the out of conference season and early part of the Big East is now in a downward spiral. A ton of questions are quickly rising. Are the rumors of a postseason mandate true? Will Mike Rice be fired at the end of the season? Or will Pernetti allow Rice to continue to roam the sidelines next year?

Or can this team wake up for the final 9 games of the year? The turnovers and consistent offensive droughts are the problem. And in the Big East there is no let up.

Louisville comes to the RAC after a week off.

Will Rutgers show up?