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Rutgers Gets Blown Out by St. John's 72-60

The Red Storm use a 17-0 run to take out the Scarlet Knights.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Same old Rutgers.

What else can you say?

In the biggest game of the year (again), with a chance to finally turn the corner (again), and a chance to give the fans something to cheer about, Rutgers decided to take the second half off. The Red Storm used their length and two superstar scorers to impose their will on the game, and make it a rout. D'Angelo Harrison and JaKarr Sampson embarrassed the Scarlet Knights scoring 20 and 21 points respectively.

Meanwhile, the Red Storm tilted the floor and make life hard for Eli Carter. Carter went 1-14 and scored only five points. Myles Mack tried to make up for it, with 15, but it wasn't enough. Carter was either not made available to talk to the media, or declined to speak to them himself.

The funny thing was, Rutgers came out strong. They jumped out to an 8 point lead in the first half, sharing the ball, making smart passes, and taking great shots. They ran, and played the way they wanted. But St. John's didn't go away, and in the final 2 minutes of the half, pulled out an 8-0 run. Then, they opened the second half with a 9-0 run.

Rutgers tried to comeback, when Jerome Seagears hit a 3 point shot to cut that lead back down to three, but it wasn't enough. Jim Burr and the rest of the refs would not allow Rutgers to get any closer. Neither did the Scarlet Knights' effort.

And now, instead of being 4-3 with a ton of momentum, Rutgers is about to run the gauntlet of their schedule. Without a road win or a few major upsets, Rutgers is staring a 3-7 Big East Conference record in the face.

Everything was a disappointment tonight, including the back from break student section. Sure, they made it out to the game, but appeared to have a case of laryngitis all night long. At times, when Rutgers tried to make a run, the fans did not lift the team, and instead seemed confused with what was going on. In a game where the crowd is extremely important, the Rutgers students refuse to get crazy. Long gone are the days of the RAC sounding like the inside of an airplane engine.

Here are the days of a resigned crowd.

Rutgers travels to UConn on Sunday, and looks to right the ship... but tonight was disappointing... for everyone.