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Rutgers Takes on St. John's ... AGAIN

This the home game of the home and home. Time to pack the RAC.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Storm come back to the RAC as two teams looking to make their mark in the Big East. Both are 3-3 in conference. St. John's is on a 2 game winning streak, and Rutgers is coming off getting hosed by the officials a nailbiting loss to Notre Dame.

Here are the keys:

1. Rebound and Run: This continues to be a key for Rutgers. They play better offensively when they play fast. And though the defense is starting to come around--turnovers leading to run outs haven't been overwhelming. When the bigs pull down a board, they need to look up court and find Myles Mack, Eli Carter, or Jerome Seagears.

2. Be Ready for the Grind: None of the games between these two teams have been smooth, clean affairs. They've been dirty, rundown battles. Expect this one to be no different. It will probably come down to the last possession.

3. Find a Second (Hell, Third) Option: The Red Storm were able to force Eli Carter into bad shots in the first game. Expect him to be the focus again. In the first battle, Dane Miller stepped up. That's going to have to happen again.

4.Make D'Angelo Harrison Work: In round 1, that's exactly what the Scarlet Knights did. Harrison hit a lot of shots, but was so worn down at the end of the game, he wasn't able to hit his free throws. The Scarlet Knights pulled it out because of this and some clutch play down the stretch.

5. Get to the Free Throw Line: Even Miller has become a consistent force. Rutgers needs to drive into contact and hope the call goes the right way.

Win this one tomorrow night, and the future remains bright. Lose, and the gauntlet of a schedule RU is about to face becomes extremely daunting.