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Notre Dame Beats Rutgers by 3

Rutgers has a chance down the stretch after rallying...

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me if you've heard this one. Rutgers is down big, let's sayyyyyyy 13 points. They rally furiously, getting the ball back with--let's hypothetically says--5.7 seconds left. They inbound the ball, run the play they want, drive to the hoop and can't get the ball in the net. The whistle blows. Fans, garbed in scarlet dare to dream, a foul? Rutgers at the line?

No, a charge.

That's what happened to Rutgers. In a game where they didn't value the ball, were unable to close out on the three point shooters, and looked like they would lose by twenty, they found a way to rally. Down 13, Rutgers was able to close the gap. And with 5 second left, Eli Carter drove to the hoop, got fouled by Jack Cooley (oh, I'm sorry, blocked), and then got called for the charge.

Rutgers had another chance, Myles Mack threw up a 3, but missed, and Notre Dame miraculously got the win it needed, and the Scarlet Knights are back to .500 in the Big East.

It was an odd game. It never felt like RU was in it, and at the same time, it never felt like they were out of it. Dane Miller was impressive, filling the stat sheet. Carter netter 20 points, and the rest of the Knights chipped in as well. There is something about this Rutgers team.

It's well past time for moral victories in the Mike Rice era. It's time to win, and the St. John's game at the RAC is a big on--again--on Wednesday. But again, this game came down to the same old story.

It's up to this team to change the narrative. It feels like they're about to do it.

And that has to start now, because they're about to go through the Big East gauntlet.

Tonight would have been huge, but it was not to be.

Another chance coming up.