Kevin Willard descends into paranoid madness


If you thought the paranoia and conspiracy theories in South Orange were a thing of the past following Bobby Gonzalez's firing, think again. Following, once again, another spate of recruiting disappointments (this time it was striking out with Reggie Cameron and Tyler Roberson), Seton Hall fans are already drawing their knives out against men's basketball coach Kevin Willard. Willard has consistently failed to recruit top local players (being notably spurned by the likes of Kyle Anderson, Myles Mack, Eli Carter, etc...), to the point where that's become a major sore spot. SHU has resorted back to the Bobby Gonzalez script of getting by with DI transfers and shaky academic qualifiers, and what's really driving the point home with their lack of recruiting mojo is their one pipeline to the Canary Islands. Between poor recruiting, squandering a loaded roster two years ago that should have been a Sweet 16 lock, and an epic second half collapse in 2011-2012, it's understandable why Willard is starting to feel pressure. It doesn't seem like there's any good news on the horizon, and now they somehow have to get through a season without any proven replacements for Herb Pope and Jordan Theodore. Still, that's no excuse to lash out in a manner that recalls the bitterness and divisiveness of the Gonzo era. This may be a stretch, but anything wrong with Seton Hall basketball right now probably has a lot more to do with the athletic department and institutional issues than with negative comments on an internet message board. But by all means, alienate your remaining core of devoted supporters. That is not, if anything else, a surefire tried and true method that is guaranteed to end well in a positive and successful manner.