Mark Blaudschun loves Tim Pernetti


Look, we get it. Rutgers athletic director Tim Pernetti is one damn captivating man. There may be no better, more eloquent speak in all of the ranks of college athletic directors - and without question, there certainly is no director who is more innovative and forward-thinking. Blauds met Tim P, and was understandably smitten with his fellow "jersey guy." Fair enough, but what's with not one, but two posts in as many days touting Pernetti as a possible candidate for the Boston College athletic director job? That scenario is so outlandish that it can be dismissed out of hand. For one thing, Pernetti is a former CBS Sports executive who took a considerable pay cut to bail out his alma mater when they needed him. That's not to suggest that he will be around forever (although possibly for a while with K-Mac following Schiano to Tampa), but if/when Pernetti leaves, it would likely be for a high-level job. If that day comes, it's for a game-changing job in sports media, or to be a conference commissioner in a league better than the Big East. Not to work for Boston College of all teams. Heck, Tim has hired away half of their football assistants in the past few months! Don't be ridiculous. Don't forget how close he remains with Navy AD Chet Gladchuk, formerly of BC. More likely is that Blaudschun is trying (poorly) to pay back Pernetti in the manner that old journalists are apt to. With the Big East's old guard in tatters, Blauds is no fool - he knows Tim is calling the shots, and was the prime mover for getting the new leadership and negotiation teams in place. It's not at all implausible that Pernetti leaked the new commissioner name earlier in the week, and this is a foolhardy attempt at payback by talking up Tim. TP has been known to talk up friends (e.g., Seth Greenberg) in the past to friendly media members to various ends. The intent wasn't awful, but the implementation was poor and sloppy. If you're going to give Pernetti his rightly-deserved credit, it has to be for a position that being a candidate for would actually be seen as prestigious. Blaudschun had to talk about BC because they have an opening, and they're who he covers, but the only thing that is accomplished by that sort of speculation is to put Rutgers in a negative light by implying that Pernetti would even ever consider BC. He won't, and the only reason that this topic is even worth discussing is the meta-analysis of Blaudschun's motivations in speculating to this degree.