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What Would It Take for an RU Player to Win the Heisman in '12?

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A miracle.

That's the easy answer. For a Rutgers player to win the Heisman this year, it'd probably take a miracle. I mean, no one is on any of the watch lists from what I've seen. And Rutgers is in the watered down Big East...and rarely do people come from out of nowhere to win a Heisman.

But take a deep breath and dream for a minute.

What would it take?

First off, Rutgers would have to go undefeated. And not, just regular undefeated, but besides maybe a close win at Arkansas, they'd have to dominate. That's how lowly the Big East is looked upon by the media. And, while they dominate, someone has to step up. Someone at a skill position.

Savon Huggins would have to live up to the hype. Average 200 yards per game and at least 2 TDs a game. Brandon Coleman would have to do the same, making ridiculous ESPN highlight catches, make-up for the loss of Mo Sanu and then some.

Or a QB would have to step up. My guess? Gary Nova would have a better chance of doing it--no real reason why, just a guess... Consistently putting up BIG numbers... 400-500 yards a game. Four touchdowns.

Basically, Rutgers would have to have the kind of season we've never seen around here.

So, it'd take a miracle.

But miracles are why we watch sports, right?

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