Report: Rutgers to revamp concessions


Update: the original article has retracted the section about alcohol sales. This is some excellent reporting by Charlie Kratovil and New Brunswick today. They filed a public records request, and discovered that Sodexo has won the bidding to take over concession rights for Rutgers athletics games, which were previously handled by the university's dining services. This is welcome news on many fronts. Certainly, alcohol is the headline grabber, but it cannot be emphasized enough how terrible the concessions are at High Point Solutions Stadium (some basketball fans like to talk up the RAC's chicken fingers.) I, for one, am looking forward to genuinely edible food to supplement the various tailgating options available. So yeah, the 800-lb gorilla in the room is alcohol sales. Given the fiscal state of the athletic department, university, and state - does Rutgers athletics really have ANY room to leave dollars on the table? If you want to be critical of this, go ahead, but anyone who disapproves of this decision but also complains about athletic subsidies is a hypocrite. Bravo Rutgers Athletic, for making yet another small but needed step forward.