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Villanova Trounces Rutgers; Scarlet Knights Go... Frigid


The second half started with such promise. Rutgers had a solid four point lead and some confidence. They'd hit 7 of 11 threes. Eli Carter had 15 points.

Unfortunately, the Villanova Wildcats weren't ready to go home. Specifically Maalik Wayns.

More after the jump... but not much...

After their hot first half, Rutgers couldn't buy a bucket in the second half. Rutgers only scored 3 baskets the entire second half. Jerome Seagears hit a 3 late and the camera caught him shaking his head. As it has for the Scarlet Knights this season, the offense went away again. Carter finished with 23 points.

Rutgers hung around, only down 6 with about 7 and a half to go. Unfortunately, on two consecutive possessions, Myles Mack missed wide open threes, and that basically sealed it.

Each player looked like they were forcing it. Dane Miller took wild shots. Gilvydas Biruta found a lid on the basket.

And with one of the most surprising moves, Greg Lewis started the game. It was the first of his career.

Wayns scored 28 points for Villanova, and he and Tyrone Johnson controlled the tempo for the majority of the night. The final was 70-49.

And so, another season goes by the wayside for Rutgers. It seems there's still hope for the Scarlet Knights in the future, but that's for another article later.

Right now, it's visions of bricks bouncing in my head.