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Rutgers roster changes revealed

Getty Images has the first official depth chart of the spring up. Word is still coming down on spring injuries (reportedly Greene, Vallone, Jefferson, Tejay Johnson, and Kaleb Johnson are among those who will be sitting out. This will be updated later, in a bit.) Some early thoughts:

  • Jeremy Deering goes back to receiver from running back. Rutgers, once again, officially is loaded to the gills with depth at WR.
  • Kaleb Johnson enters above Andre Civil in the race for the starting LT job. Devon Watkis moves inside to guard.
  • David Osei is starting RG over Antwan Lowery. Matt McBride has moved to center behind Dallas Hendrikson. Osei is being listed at 290 lbs. Lowery has all the potential in the world, but has to get out of the doghouse following a rough 2011.
  • This is a real surprise - experienced Maryland transfer R.J. Dill is behind Taj Alexander at RT. How long will that last?
  • Sam Bergen moves to FB. That might be a bit easier on his knees than linebacker, and RU certainly needs the depth. I bet Canevari could make a move behind Burton. As for tailback, your guess is as good as mine.
  • Jawaun Wynn moves to DE. Are we sure that Greg Schiano is really gone?
  • Scott Vallone stays at NT, clearing room for Kirksey, and presumably Hamilton, at under/3-technique tackle (the one that focuses more on pass rushing than stuffing the run.)
  • Wow, defensive end really is loaded. That's what injuries forcing so many people into early playing time last year will do. I personally want to see Larrow at strongside end and Merrell on the weakside, backed up by Thompson and Glaud respectively.
  • Kevin Snyder moves to WLB, which will get him on the field in a year after Khas leaves at the defense's premier play-making position. He probably will be the top reserve for SLB too though. Quentin Gause on the two-deep at SLB, which is somewhat surprising given some of the negative buzz from last season.
  • It's nice to see that Mason Robinson is still around at corner.
  • J.T. Tartacoff moves to free safety. Tartacoff really had the potential to be a productive slot receiver, but was buried in the ultimate numbers game from hell. He had a good combination of route running and hands though.