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NCAA Round-up: Big Injury for Syracuse.

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Boy, things change in a hurry in March, don't they?

What looked like a possible cake walk to the Final Four for Syracuse suddenly turned sour as center Fab Melo ruled ineligible for the entire NCAA Tournament.

This opens the door for a ton of teams to take advantage. The Big East Defensive Player of the Year is gone, and the Orange are a shaky foul shooting team. That could be the formula for disaster. Of course, it's March, so watch them go out and win the whole damn thing.

Meanwhile, I think the team most likely to make an upset run is Harvard. Tommy Amaker's team is tough and plays smooth, and is the kind of story that March loves. I could see them getting to the Sweet Sixteen.

As for me? I'm pulling for South Florida.

The play-in games start tonight. Who are you upset picks? (Feel Free to Pick 'Em here!)

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