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Rutgers vs. Seton Hall: Rivalry Keys

Less than 28 hours until game time. Both teams need this one. Jordan Theodore went on a rant about winning this game will help him get girls, or something.

Rutgers needs to get off the schneid. How can they do that?

Find out after the jump...

1. Zone: Jerry Carino agrees Rutgers needs to force the Pirates into jump shots. They're a 3 point shooting team, they'll take 'em at any time. When the Hall is going, those shots will go in. But lately, over a six game losing streak, those 3s haven't been falling. Rutgers needs to take advantage of this, by playing zone and forcing the Hall into some bad threes. If they start missing, their confidence will take a hit.

2. Get Herb Pope in Foul Trouble: When Pope is playing (and I'm going to assume he will tomorrow), his ability to rebound and make shots inside the three point line, really opens up the game for the rest of the team. If Gilvydas Biruta, Austin Johnson, and Derrick Randall can take the ball at Pope, and saddle him with fouls, it really changes the game. It would help is Myles Mack, Eli Carter, and Jerome Seagears could get into the lane. Pope has fouled out of a bunch of SHU games, and the Pirates have not done well in those games.

3. Force Theodore to Try and Take Over: Jordan Theodore is a better player when he's distributing the ball and waiting for his shot. When things are going bad, Theodore tries to be a hero and ends up shooting Seton Hall out of games. Rutgers needs him to try and take over, and force him to take some bad shots. Don't foul him, keep him away from the line.

4. Hold On to the Ball: In my match-up post, I didn't mention Fuquan Edwin's defensive ability. He's probably the best defensive player in the game, and he forces turnovers. He'll be playing Dane Miller, and when Miller panics, he gives up the ball. Rutgers can't turnover the ball too much, it'll lead to run-outs, easy baskets and confidence.

5. Dane Miller, Dane Miller, Dane Miller: Fans will know early. A dunk. A sweet pass. Maybe a teardrop shot. But as in every game, he'll be needed.