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Coaches Leave, No One Tells The Recruits - Only Grownups at RU are High School Seniors

According to an inside source, Angelichio, Fraser, Hafley and Cignetti (as well as Jay Butler) will be joining Schiano in Tampa Bay. Now, as a caveat, I'm not a beat reporter with a big circle of sources. But, I trust this one source a lot.

Quite frankly, I've never been this pissed about Rutgers football ever. I get it - Schiano left for a great opportunity that moved quicker than anyone could have hoped. But, this is deliberate disrespect from Schiano and those that are leaving with him. The recruits were sold on the belief that most of the staff would stay intact. And, for those that are leaving now, it's cowardly to wait until after signing day to make this move. For Schiano, it's one thing to take your own lumps. But, he's now complicit in allowing others to breach their own trust with others.

I just spoke to a 2012 signee who will remain anonymous. He just confirmed that he was completely unaware of any pending or potential moves. In fact, his exact words were "shocked" if this was true.

I personally think it's also an absolute shame that after what the recruits went through, no one reached out to the recruits to keep them in the loop. They're already signed. They're not gonna go anywhere if they heard the news now or next week. They deserved to be kept in the loop either by the coaches that left or the current program. Quite frankly, if there was one class that was composed of grown ups, this is it. Give them the respect to be treated as such.

Here's the silver lining to this. The signee confirmed that while he thinks his classmates will be similarly "shocked," the 2012 class didn't sign with Rutgers because of the coaching staff. Schiano's departure taught them there are no certainties with coaches in the college game. He emphatically stated that he and his classmates committed to play with each other, represent New Jersey, and be a part of turning Rutgers into a national power.

I suggest every single Rutgers fan cheer your asses off on every play for these kids. They deserve it, because they showed integrity in the face of cowards and adversity. They saved Rutgers football - no one else.