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Gilvydas Biruta Finally Breaks Loose

Gilvydas Biruta could possibly be the most frustrating player on this young, inexperienced Rutgers Scarlet Knights team, which is surprising considering he is a sophomore, not a freshman.

The entire season Biruta has perplexed, whether it be nearly fouling out, actually fouling out, having games where he simply cannot score, or having games where he simply cannot rebound, Biruta has frustrated fans and coaches.

Yesterday, in the Scarlet Knights loss to Syracuse, however, Biruta finally broke loose. It's about time.

Biruta was all over the glass and involved in the offensive and defensive sides of the game. Biruta netted 21 points, tallied seven rebounds, four of which were offensive rebounds, and managed to lead the team to a near-win over the #2 team in the nation.

If Rutgers has the Gildyvas Biruta they had yesterday for the remainder of the season and next season, good things are coming, folks.

We shall see how the most confusing player on the team continues to mature and progress.