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Thoughts from Mike Rice's Return Press Conference

Mike Rice spoke to the press today, on his first day back at practice.

Mike Rice.... contrite.
Mike Rice.... contrite.

Video from Matt Hladik.

-As Matt Hladik tweeted, Mike Rice got choked up several times during the conference. He clearly realized he screwed up and wants to make amends. It seems he truly cares a) about turning this team around and b) about his family. Everything here feels honest

-Rice wants to go to the NCAAs and wants to take this team to the NCAAs. He better do it in the next two years.... and get to the NIT this year.

-There was a bit of lesson learning here as well. Rice owned up to what he did. Whether or not the word getting out was his fault, Rice stepped up and took his punishment. And he knows how lucky he got, getting a second chance. Now, he--and the team--need to take advantage. And whether the team realizes it or not, Mike Rice is teaching them a true life lesson here.

-The practice monitor was his idea. As Jerry Carino tweeted this is a wise move, in terms of recruiting. Now he'll have a written record to go to recruits with that shows his behavior's improved. It almost feels as if Rice is the one who raised the stakes on this season and his job in an effort to get better.

-I really hope Rice gets it done.

What did the rest of you think?