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Rutgers vs. Rider Preview

It's the only game in town*, as Rider travels to the RAC to take on the Scarlet Knights.


Quick preview, because, let's be honest, no one but the die hards care about this game today... Unless Rutgers loses, then they'll all be out in full force....

1. Be Fired Up: Okay, the team has been off for a week, celebrating the holidays. Rider is not a big name like, say, Florida was last year. The game is at 3 pm because there's some sort of pigskin battle going on. The crowd will be sparse. That doesn't mean you shouldn't play hard. Come out and play hard and put this one away early.

2. Share the Ball: Untill Rutgers does it consistently, this is going to be a key. The last 2 games have been great signs, as RU shot over 60% in both. Keep it up, trust your teammates, and take great shots. The points will come.

3. Get Myles Mack to the Free Throw Line: Dude's money.

4. Get the Bigs Involved: Wally Judge, Kadeem Jack, and Dane Miller will be needed against Syracuse. Get them involved to help knock some Christmas rust off.

5. No Fouls: Fouls slow the game down. All the fans who are at the game will want to get out of their at 5 or earlier. No fouls.

*Technically Rutgers and Virginia Tech are playing in Orlando, so they're not "in town."