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Rutgers Pounds Howard

Myles Mack and Eli Carter combine for 35 points as the Scarlet Knights win 79-55.

Myles Mack is locked in. He shot 3 of 4 from behind the line, and all 3 made were NBA distance. Eli Carter also played within himself and tallied 20 points.

Howard came out on fired and shredded Rutgers man to man defense early on. They even led by a point nearly ten minutes into the game. But David Cox switched to zone, and it flustered the Bisons. And that's when Rutgers turned it on.

Kadeem Jack continues to show some grit and potential, throwing down a one handed jam as he flashed through the lane. Wally Judge also was a solid presence.

All in all, Rutgers handled this cupcake the way they should. There was no breakdown, Howard didn't make a run. Rutgers put them away.

Now Rider is up next after the holiday break.