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Rutgers vs. Howard Preview

Game 2 of the David Cox Era is tomorrow night....


Quite frankly, this game should be a laugher. Rutgers should runaway with this from the outset, and coast into a week off before Rider. However, the Scarlet Knights haven't had a laugher all season. Can they do it tomorrow?


1. Share the Ball: One of Rutgers' biggest bugaboos all year has been ball sharing. Not when things are going well. When things go well, the ball doesn't stick, there are plenty of assists, and the offense looks smooth. But when things break down and the other team gets a run, too many players try to do it themselves. Howard, just like every other team in college basketball, is going to get a run. Rutgers needs to stay confident and continue to share the ball throughout.

2. Turnovers: In the past few games, the Scarlet Knights have started to turn up the defensive pressure and turn the opposition over. However, Rutgers' turnovers are still a problem. Rutgers needs to value each possession and take care of the ball tomorrow. For the pace Rutgers plays offensively, turnovers are going to happen, but 22 is too many.

3. Rebound: For a while, rebounding looked like it was going to be a strength of this squad. Not so much lately. That could be a result of a lot of zone and a lot of missed 3s by the opposition, but it still feels like the team isn't going up and grabbing the ball. That needs to change.

4. Get Wally Judge in Double Digits: Feed the ball inside. Get this guy some confidence. He needs to and hopefully will have a big game tomorrow.