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Rutgers Vs. UAB Preview

The.... David Cox Era.?.... Begins...


Usually, these games are about either what you want to see Rutgers do in that particular game. Usually it's about Mike Rice and Co's gameplan and how it's executed. But now it's about something completely different:

1. Body Language: Watching player's body language has been one of the fan's easiest ways to gauge a team. Much has been made of Eli Carter's this year, for instance. It's usually a silly exercise, but tomorrow could be different. Watch how the team gets back to the huddle, how they come out of the locker room, how they react when things, inevitably, go wrong. Do they sprint? Do they run the plays? Or is it all about slumped shoulders and players trying to get their own? Could say a lot for the rest of the season.

2. Substitutions: Mike Rice loved to run players in and out of the line-up. What will David Cox do? Will he let people get hot and ride them until they falter? It will be interesting to keep an eye on this. It could be an eye into Cox's philosophy.

3. Cox's Demeanor: Everyone will be watching this. Cox is known as the good cop on Rice's squad. So will he be willing to get into a player's face? How will he argue with a ref? I think the players are going to respond tomorrow.

What will you be looking for at the RAC tomorrow?