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Tim Pernetti Lays Down the Law

New reports have surfaced that really put Mike Rice's job in jeopardy.


It feels a bit silly to post about this stuff on a day like today, but this is a Rutgers blog and this is pretty big Rutgers news.

Jerry Carino, who has always done a great job with Rutgers news, uncovered more details about Mike Rice's suspension and what he has to do the rest of the season.

It turns out that Rice will have take part in an anger management program, and then be observed by an independent mentor at practice, one who will take note of Rice's behaviors. The mentor will let Rutgers AD Tim Pernetti know the results he finds. Rice will have to be extremely clean for at least the rest of the season, though Carino notes all the details are still being worked out.

And, as if that wasn't tough enough, Rice will have to make a postseason tournament--likely the NIT or higher. This was a make or break season for Rice before all this news came out, and now its the only season. Should Rice not make a postseason tournament, or should he lose his temper too much, he's gone.


Now is not the time to start speculating about the next coach of Rutgers basketball, but it is currently very difficult to see Rice on the bench at the RAC next year. The stakes are ridiculously high, and it has to be difficult for a man to change his nature at the flip of a switch. What happens the first time Kadeem Jack (for example) turns the ball over or Rutgers loses a ten point lead? Will Rice take a deep breath and explain? Or will the pressure be too much?

The first step comes Sunday. How will the squad respond to interim coach David Cox?

Rutgers may not become an interesting team, and this may not become an interesting season. It may become a slow spiral into hell. But at the moment it is compelling.

I truly felt this team was a few games away from putting it together and making a run. Will a different personality help or hinder that?

Keep watching.