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Rutgers Takes on George Washington... PREVIEW

Rutgers returns to the RAC for the first time in 3 weeks. What do they have to do to keep winning?

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Rutgers, record-wise, is in a pretty decent spot right now. They're 5-2 with 4 winnable home games coming up before the Big East season. A 9-2 start could set up a chance at the post season. Tomorrow night, Rutgers takes on George Washington, a team that's been down for a while, but (name-wise) still rings a bell because of their deep tournament run a few years ago.

What are the keys?

1. Defense: Rutgers' D hasn't been pretty this season. Mike Rice is trying to get the team to play at a helter skelter offesnive pace, and the D is suffering because of it. They're playing a lot of zone, and not turning the ball over. GW could be a tonic. GW only averages scores in the 60s and turns the ball over about 17 times per game. Rutgers should take advantage of that.

2. Fast Break: Myles Mack has looked great in the open court. Get this guy out in transition, get him going to the basket. Mack has to keep up his great play, and tomorrow should be a chance for him to continue to put up points.

3. Hey, Eli Carter, Play Basketball: Carter plays a team game when things are going well for him. If he's scoring, he's more apt to share the ball and believe it will come back to him. Unfortunately, in the last two games, teams have been double teaming Carter and he hasn't been able to score. Because of that, all Eli wants to do is score. He needs to share the ball, trust his teammates, then do damage when the other team has no choice but to leave him open. Carter needs to learn there's more to basketball than taking it one on one to the hoop. If he does that, Rutgers chances of having a great season go way up.

4. Wally Judge and Dane Miller: Quietly, these guys have put together two strong games in a row. It'd be nice to continue to seem them play a strong role. Rebound, get easy baskets, get fouled and go to the line.

5. Know Your Role: When the team was rolling the other night against Iona, it seemed like all the parts clicked. Everyone knew where they were supposed to be and succeeded at doing what they do well. Once the wheels started to fall off, it became every man for himself. Fall in line, play a team game, win some basket ball games. If you fill your role, you will be successful.