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Rutgers Falls to St. Peter's 56-52

Despite a great game from Austin Johnson and solid play from Dane Miller and Wally Judge, Rutgers looked lost. The guards just didn't have it tonight.

Alan Maglaque-US PRESSWIRE

Well, that was unexpected.

In a game that, quite frankly, Rutgers should have run away with, last year reared its ugly head. The guards couldn't get it going, and it cost the Scarlet Knights. Just like last season, the guards came out and thought they could beat the opposition without playing their hardest game. That proved untrue.

Wally Judge scored ten and pulled in double digit rebounds. Dane Miller scored nine. At one point, Austin Johnson was carrying the team.

But missed free throws, missed threes, and forced shots hurt.

The guards never, ever got going. And just like last year, when the guards don't get going, they take it upon themselves to play street ball. Eli Carter's shot wasn't falling, but he still kept trying to take it to the hoop. He refused to give up the ball. And when the shots didn't go down for the guards, they let it bother them on the defensive end.

According to postgame quotes, by Mike Rice, the guards stopped running the plays that were called. Wally Judge said someone needed to step up and lead.

And already there seems to be major problems in the Scarlet Knights camp. If this team is going to turn it around, they need to learn to play team ball and fast. They need to learn to do what the coach asks.

Sacred Heart comes to the RAC on Monday. Another game that should be a no-brainer, but until this team starts to prove itself, there aren't any no-brainers.