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Loving Rutgers Hoops

The moment that sold me on Rutgers basketball came very early in my freshman year....

Chris Chambers

Geoff Billet. The Shot and a Cheer.

I always wish I could find the video of this on YouTube, because it's the moment that sold me on being a Rutgers basketball fan. You know it. Seconds left, Rutgers losing to Georgetown in the second round of the Big East Tournament. Billet takes it to the hoop, puts up a floater... GOOD!

After that I made sure I knew what was going on with Rutgers basketball. I went to games. I felt my heartbreak as Hodgson dribbled the ball off his foot. As Jay Wright went to Villanova instead. As Gary Waters rode an incredibly hot Jerome Coleman to the NIT. As Fred Hill dove in over his head. And now Mike Rice builds a team that is sure to excite.

I've had season tickets for ten years. I wear scarlet weekly. I follow the message boards, Twitter, this site. I want to know which way the recruits are leading and who they are. I go to every game. And the ones I don't go to I watch on TV. I DVR. I do what it takes to be a Rutgers fan. I talk them up at work.

So, what do you do?

That's right. We want to hear what makes you a DIE HARD RUTGERS FAN. Here's the deal: SB Nation and Hyundai are running a contest for the biggest Die Hard fan. You could win 2 tickets and airfare to the bowl game or game of your choice). All you have to do is comment and tell us why you're a Rutgers fan by Monday, November 12. What makes you the BEST Rutgers fan?

Comment down below and leave a way for me to contact you (and if you're uncomfortable, I'll let you know who I pick and you can use my email address... I'll post it in the comments later). We'll have a discussion about fandom. And if SB Nation picks up, who knows where we could be headed?

So, talk to me RU fans. What makes you a DIE Hard?

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