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Pitt thumps Rutgers 27-6

Rutgers was in a giving mood, and Pitt pounced

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

RU had a chance to lock up a BCS bid on Sunday, and of course it would not be Rutgers if the team did not at least find a way to make things interesting. It just wouldn't be Rutgers football without one or two head scratchers a season. There's just no way around it now. Dave Brock needs to lose play calling duties. There are few offensive coordinators in DI that do less with more. Kyle Flood gave Brock an Audi, and he's driving like he owns a Tercel. Flood provided prime sashimi, and Brock made tuna fish sandwiches. This is not BC. Rutgers has legitimate DI players at the wide receiver position. It's not going to be the end of the world if HEAVEN FORBID you call a slant or a crossing route.

Not even attempting to compete on offense clearly can have a disastrous effect on the entire team. The defense generated multiple three and outs at the start of the game, but with the offense providing nothing, they kept going back on the field and just got tired. It's not their fault so much as that Brock needs to go. Here's the thing that really kills you. Brock has proven he CAN call a good game (USF, Arkansas) when he chooses to take the reigns off. Eventually things started happening yesterday but it was just too little, too late. This isn't a Kirk Ciarrocca-style disaster where the offense is structurally deficient. If Brock didn't think that the Mayans would come and nuke Earth if he called a forward pass, he could be a capable coordinator. He does though, and therefore he is not. Everyone who bashed Frank Cignetti last year because he was a jerk and a chronic job hopper owes Cigs an apology. We'd take that in a second over over this pathetic display of ineptitude.

Give Pitt credit too. As much as Rutgers didn't show up, they played hard and got the job done. They do have some good talent, the loss just stings like hell though considering that they were coming off that loss to UConn of all teams. Oh well, on to Louisville and four days of wondering if Teddy Bridgewater is healthy.