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Game Preview: UNC-Greensboro

Rutgers takes to the road. Can they make it four in a row?


Rutgers is playing a true road game against a low-major. Why? Likely to get an immature team some experience in a hostile environment. The Scarlet Knights survived their first road test against Princeton, but that was only 20 miles down the road. This is a true "plane flight" road trip.

So, what does RU need to do to win?


1. Show Up: As the St. Peter's and Boston University games should have taught them, they are not good enough to breeze through a game and still win comfortably. That becomes even tougher in a hostile environment. Bring your A game and come home with a win.

2. Feed the Bigs: UNC-Greensboro is not a big team. Wally Judge, Austin Johnson, and Kadeem Jack should dominate this game. But that is all reliant on the guards playing smart and feeding the post. Selfish play by Myles Mack, Eli Carter, and Jerome Seagears will do nothing but allow UNC to hang around.

3. Go Inside Out: At the same time, the bigs can't be selfish. If things are going well early, UNC will likely either switch to zone (if they don't play it already) or double the bigs. That means the outside is going to be open. The bigs will have to be able to pass out of the paint and the guards will get theirs.

4. Dane Miller: It'd be really nice to have him act like a senior, harness his energy and dominate a game from all aspects.

5. Score Early: This team does much better when they come out of the gates firing on all cylanders. That might mean starting Seagears or Carter, or getting out and running, forcing a ton of turnovers. It doesn't matter how it happens, just don't go the first six minutes only scoring 4 points.